Testimonial… I was was very nervous about birth before. After the course I felt so informed with how my body is able to give birth efficiently I was much more confident and really ready to go for a natural birth. I was relaxed about dealing with contractions and how to get through them. It made staying at home for as long as possible easy and focused. The course really made my birth exactly as I had hoped and my husband was amazing, as we were both so calm about what was happening. The birth of our son, Otto was amazing. I put my husband and my state mind – being relaxed and ready – down to what we learned and practiced from our course. So big thank you to Zoe! Natalie & baby Otto

About Zoe James

After teaching yoga to pregnant women for a number of years, I realised that there was one clear consistency amongst the women who went onto have a beautiful and empowered birth… it was that they had all undertaken a HypnoBirthing antenatal programme. On witnessing first hand the difference this made to the birthing mum, her partner and their baby, it was a natural progression that I would train to become a HypnoBirthing instructor. And it was the best thing I ever did. Being able to support women and couples during their pregnancy is both a joy and a privilege.  As the 12 hour course progresses I can visibly see a transformation taking place in both partners… from perhaps being anxious, stressed or even fearful of the birth to becoming empowered, feeling strong and beginning to look forward to the birth. People who undertake the HypnoBirthing programme go on to have the best birth possible for them.  Even when things don’t go exactly to plan, and let’s face it we can’t completely control nature, but it’s how couples feel about the birth afterwards that really makes the biggest difference. I don’t have children of my own, but I have dedicated my life’s work to helping make birth better.  It’s my life mission to educate as many birthing couples as possible and help them have the right birth for them on the day.
Hypnobirthing Lounge at Blooming Bamboo Wellness CentreHypnobirthing Goodies at Blooming Bamboo Wellness CentreSpectrum 7, Spectrum Business Park


After spending 17 years in London I’m proud to be back home in the north east and more than a little bit excited to be able to host regular HypnoBirthing programmes  at the beautiful Blooming Bamboo Wellness Centre.

Full Two Day CourseSaturday & Sunday

9:30/10:30am-5:30pm – Blooming Bamboo, Seaham

  • 17th & 18th March
  • 12th & 13th May
  • 16th & 17th June

Price per couple £195 (includes book & mp3)



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Testimonial… Attending Zoe’s HypnoBirthing course helped us both to remain calm, knowing that giving birth is not an emergency! I used the breathing techniques throughout and stayed calm. Things went very smoothly and I really do think that was down to the HypnoBirthing course. Thank you Zoe for passing on your HypnoBirthing knowledge! You helped us to realise giving birth is not an emergency. We remained calm when our surges started and throughout the birth of our beautiful baby boy. We managed to stay at home until I was 6cm dilated, (I think we would have gone into hospital sooner if we hadn’t done the course). We truly believe things went so smoothly due to attending your course and your kind words. Thank you 🙂 Vicky & Baby Dray

What is HypnoBirthing

Hypnobirthing is a completely logical and extremely effective established method that lets you discover the joy and magic of birth, and is much more than just self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy. It is deeply relaxing and effective, and allows your mind and your body to work in harmony, the way nature intended.  Hypnobirthing is your ante-natal training of choice.

Working With Your Body – Not Against It

  • With HypnoBirthing you are likely to experience a natural, calm, comfortable birth.
  • You may find you don’t need any pain relief at all.
  • It often shortens the length of labour.
  • You will be more alert and in control.
  • HypnoBirthing lessens the physical impact of childbirth.
  • The father is actively involved.
  • He knows that he has played an important role in the birth of his child.
  • Allows your baby to enter the world drug free and in an atmosphere of calm and gentleness.

No More Fear – Tension – Pain

Giving birth can be an empowering and positive experience.  With HypnoBirthing you learn:

  • Fear release methods to allow you to be relaxed and confident for the birth.
  • Self-hypnosis inducing deep relaxation.
  • Massage techniques – stimulating endorphins, your body’s natural anaesthetic.
  • Visualisation exercises to keep you grounded, serene and positive.
  •  How your mind and body work together efficiently and comfortably.
Testimonial… Zoe’s HypnoBirthing course is great. Zoe is a friendly and relaxed teacher, who goes out of her way to make sure everyone is getting the most they can out of the course. It definitely made a difference to how relaxed I felt in the run up to the birth – the importance of this can’t be underestimated as you know it’s coming for a long time! It also made dealing with contractions easy. And then when things didn’t go to plan we were in a position to ask the right questions and not just go along with whatever was suggested. Even though I ended up having interventions (drip, epidural and forceps in the last hour or so), the course gave me the confidence to ask the right questions to make sure I was making informed decisions so it all felt like my decision rather than just agreeing. I would recommend Zoe’s HypnoBirthing course highly. A HypnoBirthing Mum

Is HypnoBirthing for me?

If you’re not sure whether or not HypnoBirthing is for you, answer these questions… if you answer YES to a single one, then HypnoBirthing IS FOR YOU

  • Do you want to look forward to the birth of your baby?
  • Have you experienced a traumatic birth and need some help to feel positive about this upcoming birth?
  • Do you want to feel educated and knowledgeable about all the options available to you?
  • Do you want to know where to go for evidence-based support and information to help you make informed decisions around your birth?
  • Do you believe that birth doesn’t have to be an emergency?
  • Do you want to feel in control of your pregnancy and the birthing process?
  • Do you want to know what is happening to your body and how to embrace it?
  • Do you want to enjoy your labour?
  • Do you want the best birth for you and your baby on the day?

Is HypnoBirthing for my Partner?

The role of the birthing partner is absolutely crucial to enabling the birthing woman to achieve the birth she wants.  Many partners simply don’t know how they will feel or cope when the woman they love is going through the intense sensations of labour and many simply don’t know what to do to help.  Many believe there is nothing they can do to help and feel powerless. HypnoBirthing can change that… we talk in depth about how the support of the birthing partner is vital to the birth process, how they can offer physical and emotional support and how what they do and say throughout the birth can make a massive difference.  A practical session gives the opportunity to have a go at massage techniques and try out lots of active birthing positions. If you’re still not sure whether or not HypnoBirthing is for your partner, answer these questions… if you answer YES to a single one, then HypnoBirthing IS RIGHT FOR YOUR PARTNER

  • Does your partner want to feel fully involved in the birth?
  • Does your partner want to feel equipped with knowledge and skills to help support you?
  • Do you & your partner want to share a beautiful experience that will make you stronger as a couple?
  • Does your partner want the best birth for you and your baby?

What's included

The price for the full course includes:


  • 10-12 hours of face to face antenatal preparation for a pregnant woman and her birthing partner
  • Ongoing support from myself… by email, phone, text or however you like, right up until the birth of your baby
  • The KG Hypnobirthing book & MP3
  • Coffee, tea, biscuits & fruit throughout the course
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What you learn

The programme gives you full antenatal and birth preparation training – even if you’re planning on joining an NCT group or having antenatal education from your midwife, this course works brilliantly as an accompaniment or as stand alone.

  • Understand the physiology of birth and how simple techniques can make labour more comfortable
  • Learn some powerful relaxation techniques to practice and use during your labour
  • Understand the importance of movement during labour
  • Play around with birthing positions, massage and light touch
  • Work with your birth partner to ensure you both understand how you can be best supported during labour
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the different stages of labour and what you can do at each point to ensure your labour progresses swiftly
  • Learn how and when to question a proposed medicalised birth and how to work with the medical professionals for the best outcome
  • Be in control and empowered during your labour & birth
  • Feel prepared and confident to welcome your newborn baby into the world and your home

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Trained with KG HypnoBirthingAccredited by the Royal College of Midwives
Proud to be a member of the HypnoBirthing Association

Zoe James is proud to be a member of the HypnoBirthing Association. She is fully trained and insured to deliver the KG HypnoBirthing programme. Zoe is also a specialist pregnancy yoga teacher and brings her knowledge and passion of active birth to the course. KG HypnoBirthing is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.